About SkinnyBytes

SkinnyBytes was founded with one primary philosophy - provide computing solutions that require no AC electrical power.  AC electrical power is very expensive to install, and is far more dangerous than low-voltage DC power.  All of our PoE computers are engineered for low-voltage and extremely low power consumption, therefore are able to receive all of their power over a standard network cable via PoE Power-Over-Ethernet.

Eliminating the need for an AC outlet can easily reduce the cost of installing new computers by 50% or more. The cost to hire an electrician to install a new electrical outlet is typically $500-$1500 depending on many factors including the distance to the circuit breaker box and complexity of the job.  If you need to install a computer in a location that does not already have an electrical outlet nearby, it could cost considerably more to simply install an electrical outlet to power the computer than it will to purchase the actual computer itself.  And our PoE computers are Eco-Friendly computers consuming 90% less power than a traditional computer, drastically reducing you energy bills.  

AC power is very dangerous due to the high-voltage/high-current it supplies.  In classroom environments where the safety of the students is of the highest concern, it would be very undesirable to install dozens of AC outlets within reach of curious students.  Our PoE computers utilize low-voltage/low-current power over a standard network cable, eliminating the need to install these costly and dangerous AC electrical receptacles. This makes our PoE Computer the ideal Classroom Friendly Computer, with a standard TouchScreen interface making them perfect for interactive learning.

All of our PoE computers are compatible with IEEE standard 802.3at for Power-Over-Ethernet, which describes providing up-to 30 watts of power to a device over a standard ethernet network cable.  Utilizing emergent technologies such as Solid State Drives, low-power Processors, LED backlighting, and cooling technologies that require no cooling fans, we have created a product line of PoE computers that can run on a meager 30 watts of power without sacrificing performance.  By eliminating moving components from our systems, we are able to reduce the power requirements of our systems by 90% compared with traditional computing systems.

All of our systems are tailored toward business and educational institutions.  No moving components translates into highly durable and reliable systems.  Every system comes with Windows 7 pre-installed and a TouchScreen interface for maximum flexibility and functionality.




SkinnyBytes is a custom manufacturer and system integrator of computers and PoE components.  The company is headquarters in Arizona, with independent resellers throughout the US and Europe.