60 Watt PoE Injector-High Power

Power-over-Ethernet Injector midspan capable of delivering up to 61 Watts of PoE power. A rugged aluminum enclosure is excellent for heat dissipation and industrial applications. The unit also has 100/240VAC support and supplies 56V to all end devices.


  • Up to 61W of Power on all 4-pairs of network cable.
  • Safe: Low Power Devices Receive Only the Power They Need, 2-pair PDs receive power on 2-pairs
  • Automatic Detection and Protection of Non–standard Ethernet Terminals
  • Supports 10/100/1000BaseT applications
  • Auto Recover with protection from Over Voltage and Short Circuit.
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure with excellent heat dissipation
  • Cost effective replacement for PD-9501G or POE60U-560G.
  • OUTPUT:  56VDC at up-to 1.1A (61 watts)
  • INPUT:  100VAC/240VAC
  • DIMENSIONS:  4.5"L x 2.5"W x 1.5"D



Hi-PoE Injector single
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  • Item #: PSE-60W-001
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